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Bild-small-bw1Bild-small-1I started practising computer graphics (CG) at the end of 1999. I've never practised on a professional level because of lag of free time. I tried several CG applications from traditional 2D for retouch and rich web content up to 3D modelling and ray tracing. In the 2D sector I used software like Photoshop and Flash for animations and web development. After a short period, I decided to go in contact with semi-professional platforms like Bryce, Poser and high-end software tools like 3D Studio Max and Carrara. 3D modelling was very interesting and made the decision easier to start studying mechanical engineering on the university. In academic studies, demands changed and I forced myself to dive deeper into professional 3D modelling by using powerful CAx-applications like SolidEdge, CATIA and Siemens NX. Enclosed, I chose some artworks which I did during the last years.

Bild-small-bw2Bild-small-2In 2006 I participated on a collaborative engineering framework. Within this framework I perceived the chance to auto didactically improve my 3D modelling skills. The task was to design and to model a complex geometry of a pump housing, which shall be manufacturable until the end of the framework term. Modelling of this geometry was a challenge and took me more than 1 week to master the 3D CAD system SolidEdge and 2 weeks of conceptual and modelling work.

Bild-small-bw3Bild-small-3In 2007 a friend of mine hired me for designing logos and the layout for his party community website. The majority of the logos didn't make the "threshold" und remained unreleased. One of these logo designs can be found to the right hand. To be honest, it was a very fast shot and I've never been proud of it. But this is one of few 2D artworks I've ever did.

Bild-small-bw5Bild-small-4Because I've been interested in videogames and especially high-definition next generation computer graphics, I decides to by a Microsoft Xbox360. Besides the technological capabilities of the Xbox there was a huge bottle neck regarding the cooling system of the machine which accompanied with beyond state-of-the-art inconvenience in terms of noise. This gave me the necessary portion of motivation to perform some 2D retouching and image manipulation. The result was the Turbine Box360 ;).

Bild-small-bw5Bild-small-5While completing my diploma thesis in terms of application of numerical multi-body analysis in biomechanical mechanics, I had to make further developments in solid and free-form 3D modelling skills. Here for I applied my advanced CAx-skills, which I established on an internship at Volkswagen AG in Wolfsburg/ Germany, on modelling of biological systems. Based on the developed 3D geometries I designed simple conceptual renderings of canine bone structures.

Bild-small-bw6Bild-small-6Since 2010, I'm research fellow at Fraunhofer IPT. Unfortunately, I've got even less free time than ever before for being creative. But I've found a good compromise. Engineers and industrial designers are naturally different species of experts in their field of application, each with highly developed individual qualities. I decided for myself to growing into the role of being the link between this to kind of individuals and assuming the positive aspects of both worlds. That's why I chose the tripod, which was modeled and rendered in Siemens NX and re-mastered in 2D image processing, as a mark for my "experimental web development" project.


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