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Free-Style 3D-Modelling and other Designs

Category: digital art

Comments: 0       2013 | 01 | 19

free-style-3d-modelling-and-other-designsfree-style-3d-modelling-and-other-designsHere some additional 3D models and other designs I made in the last time. Some experiments with 3D modelling and fast reproduction in Photoshop. [...]

First Impressions

Category: digital art

Comments: 0       2012 | 07 | 13

first-impressionsfirst-impressionsI started practising computer graphics (CG) at the end of 1999. I've never practised on a professional level because of lag of free time. I tried several CG applications from traditional 2D for retouch and rich web content up to 3D modelling and ray tracing. [...]

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